CEPOS is an independent, liberal, free-market think tank. CEPOS is short for "Center for Politiske Studier" ("Center for Political Studies" in Danish).


CEPOS works for a society:

  • in which each person is respected as a unique individual, capable of enjoying his or her freedom to the greatest extent possible, with reciprocal respect for others' freedoms; and whose civil rights and freedoms, including private property rights, freedom of expression, and contractual freedom, are respected.
  • in which citizens who can support themselves receive less direct or indirect support from the public sector, in order to limit their dependence on this support, free them from state oversight, and strengthen their self-respect. Personal taxes can be relaxed as this support is withdrawn.
  • in which citizens who cannot support themselves receive better assistance than they currently do from the public sector, which should respect them as individuals and give them the opportunity to establish their own independent lives and take responsibility for themselves.
  • in which the citizens, society, and market take over more and more of the work currently financed by taxes and politically managed, public institutions.
  • in which private business — without receiving government support in any form — is assured the best possible tax situation and framework to be able to compete in the global economy, thereby ensuring growth and prosperity.


CEPOS seeks to influence political debate, and thereby political decisions, by:

  • making available new knowledge about the structure of society through analysis and research.
  • developing solutions and concrete proposals for new policies.
  • influencing decision makers of today and the future through media, meetings, conferences, publications, and educatn.

In its work, CEPOS will be independent from political parties, the central administration, the media, universities, companies, private persons, and any other interests.

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